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Grass-UP-Roots Campaign: Culver City Lawn Conversion Work Party Launches April 30, 2011

If you’ve been thinking about swapping out your front lawn for a more sustainable garden solution but lack the know-how or get stuck on the daunting size of the task, come catch the wave of change with Transition Culver City’s (TCC) Grass-UP-Roots Campaign launching April 30 at the Mar Vista Green Garden Showcase.

The Grass-UP-Roots campaign is a pay-it-forward Work Party (with emphasis on the party!) where two Culver City homes will be awarded the “treatment” of experienced on-site lawn conversion guidance and support plus access to materials in order to transform their front lawns into drought tolerant food gardens. In true TCC style, the campaign offers an opportunity to build community in your neighborhood, make new friends and have fun while tackling a large project. Picture old-fashioned barn-raising Transition-style—conquering inertia through camaraderie and skillful goodwill.

The Grass-up-Roots Campaign launches on April 30 at 1:30 pm with a DIY Lawn Removal Q&A Forum at the Blades residence, one of the homes participating in the Mar Vista Garden Showcase taking place that day (details below).

If you wish to participate in the contest to be chosen as one of the two Spring/Summer Grass-up-Roots project houses, fill out the TCC online survey and tell us why you deserve the Grass-up-Roots team to come help you take the leap
toward sustainability. The TCC selection committee will award two Culver City homes the honor, to be scheduled sometime between May 30 & Sept 1. Go to the online application.

Applications will also be available at the Launch on April 30.
All applications due by May 7, 2011.

Hints from the selection committee: can you rustle up your own crew from the family or neighborhood? Are you interested in learning how to grow edibles? Volunteering to help others start a garden? Sharing produce with your community?

According to the Public Policy Institute of California, a major factor in escalating water demand in California is the dominant land-use pattern of single-family homes with lush lawns. An edible garden uses half as much water as a span of green turf while providing hundreds of pounds of food per year, increasing a family’s grocery resilience in challenging times.

Be a part of the solution! Let the Grass-UP-Roots Campaign ignite your passion for sustainable community change. Whether or not your home is selected as one of the project houses, TCC hopes that the networking and information exchange at the DIY workshop will lead to neighbors helping neighbors reach sustainable living goals.

The informational DIY Lawn Removal Q&A includes a forum of Culver City homeowners who have
navigated the transformation sharing their experiences….what worked and some pitfalls to avoid.
John Tikotsky, sustainable landscape architect, will also be on hand with professional tips.
See the event flyer here: Mar Vista Garden Showcase & DYI Lawn Removal Flyer

Meet at 1:30 pm at:
The Blades Family home,
11375 Matteson Ave
Los Angeles CA 90066

(Map 1-K of the Mar Vista Green Garden Showcase homes).
Description and directions here.

Want to bike to the Grass-UP-Roots launch and tour the Mar Vista Green Garden Showcase afterwards? Meet TCC members at 12:30 pm at Culver City Hall for the ride to Mar Vista.

Transition Culver City (TCC) is a grassroots organization seeking community
solutions to the global challenges of climate change, peak oil, and economic
instability. TCC is a part of the international Transition movement and is one
local group in a growing network of Transition initiatives throughout Los
Angeles County. See our website for more info.

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